Gestion du Carbone « Contrôlez vos émissions avant qu’elles ne vous contrôlent »

Webinar Overview

Controlling Your Carbon Emissions Before They Control You: A Roadmap for Enterprise GHG Management.

Carbon management at the enterprise level is more than responsible environmental stewardship. It’s imperative for compliance with current and future regulation, increasing shareholder demands for disclosure of environmental information, and heightened scrutiny from the general public and other interest groups. In addition, organizations that use systems to manage their carbon emissions realize operational efficiencies and lower costs.

Officials managing their company’s environmental impact should participate in this webinar to learn about regulations and trends that are driving the rapidly maturing field of enterprise environmental management and systems that will help them manage their GHG emissions, adhere to new reporting requirements, and more.


During this complementary webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What are the existing and new regulatory requirements around carbon emissions management and reporting ?

  • How to respond to increasing demands for transparency and disclosure of environmental information ?

  • What are the available software solutions that can help organizations realize greater efficiencies throughout their operations ?

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