La gestion du carbone et de l’énergie pour la performance durable de l’entreprise

Webinar Overview

The State and Future of Sustainability: From Carbon & Energy Management to Sustainability Performance

While companies are making progress in their commitment to embed sustainability as a dedicated part of their corporate model, leaders are facing growing challenges which requires new alignment in organizational and governance approaches. In order to support sustainability strategies, IT’s role is becoming increasingly critical.

With the advent of sustainability performance management software and in particular of enterprise carbon and energy management solutions, companies are now able to reliably track and manage their sustainability performance. In this webinar, Forrester Analyst Daniel Krauss will map out the current and future state of sustainability management and talk about the evolution of the enterprise carbon and energy management software market. He will provide exclusive data from Forrester’s recently conducted global survey with business and IT decision-makers.


During this complementary webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Sustainability in the context of macro business and IT trends

  • Drivers and inhibitors of sustainability strategy adoption

  • The role of IT in facilitating corporate sustainability

  • Definition and capabilities of carbon & energy management software

  • The evolution of enterprise carbon and energy management software

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  "There is no question that cost and efficiency opportunities are the primary drivers to fuel a sustainability strategy. But more and more companies also see sustainability as a change agent: how to respond to this emerging management. paradigm? It is a high bar, but if a company can move toward a more sustainable business, it is then reflecting thought leadership at the organizational design."
Daniel Krauss
Lead Analyst, Forrester Research

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