L’évolution des systèmes d’information pour la gestion QEHS

Webinar Overview

The Evolution of Enterprise EHS Management Information Systems (EHS MIS)

Across the globe, companies are faced with the challenge sifting through piles of data in order to be in compliance with ever-changing standards. EHS has much more than a compliance function, albeit complex, but also a business imperative. In that context, traditional compliance monitoring methods are starting to show their limits and more and more companies are implementing efficient EHS Management Information Systems.

NAEM has examined a diverse group of global companies’ practices regarding EHS MIS implementation and management and will exclusively disclose the results in this webinar.

Micheal Mahanna, Program Manager, NAEM, will provide some feedbacks on the NAEM’S 2011 EHS MIS Conference.

Jake White, IT Project Director, AECOM will provide exclusive results from NAEM’s 2011 EHS MIS Survey and discuss the evolution of the EHS enterprise management systems within global companies.

Jeff Nobles, Senior Solutions Engineer, Enablon, will discuss the various data collection, calculation, and management challenges related to emerging EHS and Air Quality regulations as well as other market drivers.


During this complementary webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How leading companies are using EHS MIS to address EHS & Sustainability related challenges

  • What EHS MIS are currently used and what is their effectiveness

  • What information is being tracked and what is being requested by management

  • What are the upcoming trends and where will companies invest their EHS funds in 2011

This webinar will include live solutions presentations highlighting each key trends and will be followed by a short Q&A session.

Who should attend?

Professionals with senior-level responsibilities for strategy, sustainability, and energy management.

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  "EHS has become so critical and complex for organizations that you cannot have a traditional approach anymore. It is really key to be able to leverage third party data content into the solution. When talking about EHS Management Solutions, companies don’t just look at software anymore, they’re looking at software, content and services to achieve better results."
Phil Tesler
CEO of Enablon North America

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About NAEM

NAEM is a professional association that empowers corporate leaders to advance environmental stewardship, create safe and healthy workplaces, and promote global sustainability. We provide peer-led educational conferences, benchmarking research and an active community for sharing solutions to today's corporate EHS and sustainability management challenges. If you want to network with EHS leaders and learn about the latest trends in corporate EHS management, we encourage you to get involved today.

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