Comment réduire vos risques et maîtriser votre conformité RSE tout au long de la « supply chain » ?

Webinar Overview

Sustainability Without Borders: How to Reduce your Risks and Achieve Compliance Across your Supply Chain

Please join Enablon, GreenBiz, Groom Energy and PVH for a complimentary webcast.

In the complex world of trying to incorporate sustainability within your supply chain it can be difficult to know where to begin. Supply chains are intricate systems with many components, which each present a unique set of challenges toward maintaining a sustainable business model.

Leaders responsible for these challenges are recognizing the benefits of leveraging and tracking environmental and social initiatives.

Please join Paul Baier, VP of Sustainability Consulting, Groom Energy; Kiku Loomis, PVH Director Operation, Global Human Rights; and David Hoffman, Enablon Responsible Supply Chain Specialist, to discuss best practice in managing a responsible supply chain and how to confront the challenges of a sustainable tomorrow.


During this webinar, you will be able to better understand:

  • Upcoming market trends and challenges with creating a sustainable supply chain

  • Identify the benefits & value of a responsible supply chain program and learn how to measure the ROI that is correlated to these initiatives

  • How to measure, track, manage and report on Scope 3 emissions

  • How to reduce supply chain risks by identifying at-risk suppliers

  • Learn about the solutions allowing organizations to conduct audits, track noncompliance, monitor GHG emissions, and manage labor conditions within their supply chain

This webinar will be followed by a short Q&A session.

Who should attend?

Professionals with senior-level responsibilities for supply chain, sustainability, and energy management.

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  "Our overall vision, once we decided to go with Enablon and implement an enterprise system, was that it would really become the innovation hub for our team to communicate with all of our stakeholders, as well as hold all of our data to help us manage and track our factories and workflows."
Kiku Loomis
PVH Director Operation

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