Meilleures pratiques de conformité QHSE et de performance durable

Webinar Overview

Best Practices for EHS Compliance and Sustainability Performance Management

Learn how leading global organizations solve sustainability and EHS compliance challenges across geographical and business boundaries.

More organizations now find that their stakeholders demand increased accountability and transparency on sustainability-related issues. Meanwhile, corporations’ intricate global operations create more complicated challenges for any EHS compliance team. An EHS compliance platform must assist, not hinder, organizations who need to locate those “pain points.” Such a system must be centralized yet multifunctional; offer data management and analysis for all layers of an organization; be easily accessible yet secure, and manage and transform data in various formats.

Register below to join thought leaders in sustainability and EHS compliance reporting for this one hour webinar with Environmental Leader and Covidien. Julio González, EHS Programs Manager at Covidien and Phil Tesler, Co-founder, CEO Enablon North America will share their challenges, how they arrived at the most effective solutions, and resulting long term benefits. You’ll learn how an international healthcare products company identified, found solutions, and benefitted from an EHS MIS solution.


This webinar will include the following discussions on best practices:

  • How to improve energy efficiency initiatives throughout your organization

  • Monitor EHS compliance, identify opportunities for improvement, and achieve advancement in EHS performance

  • How an effective EHS platform can address various regional and business cultures

  • How to address any resistance within your organization while gaining increased buy-in

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  "An example of an emerging issue and where we use the EHS suite is with the EPA mandatory rule on carbon emissions. We’re able to use the EHS suite to look at energy and carbon data and identify which of our sites in the U.S. would be affected."
Julio González
EHS Programs Manager at Covidien

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It's a new era with nothing but promise. In separating from Tyco International, Tyco Healthcare has become Covidien, a $10 billion global healthcare products leader dedicated to innovation and long-term growth.

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