Comment répondre aux nouvelles préoccupations du reporting GHG ?

Webinar Overview

An Impending Train Wreck? Addressing new Enterprise GHG Reporting Concerns

Practical Solutions to comply with EPA’s Mandatory Reporting Rule and other regulations and stakeholder demands

Are you prepared for what many have called a coming train wreck of GHG reporting requirements?
Join Steven Fine, Vice President at ICF International and Joseph Aamidor, Enablon’s Energy & Carbon Product Manager.

They will discuss the emerging GHG regulatory concerns discuss the key issues in the regulation and provide information on solutions to address its requirements. Other regulations and issues pushing companies to invest in advanced GHG management systems also will be discussed.


During this complementary webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Understand the key requirements in EPA’s Mandatory Reporting Rule and other regulatory & voluntary protocols

  • Improve the accuracy and reduce the effort to compile and verify GHG inventory

  • Leverage GHG data collection and management best practices in your company’s operations to improve performance

  • Streamline the dissemination of environmental and carbon data internally and externally per regulatory requirements

This webinar will be followed by a short Q&A session.

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  "Compliance has moved on. Compliance is not just complying with regulations such as the Reporting Rule and Clear Air Act regulation, but it is really being able to understand how your emissions are generated, where they’re coming from, what it is costing you in terms of the energy price on the production or the consumption side, how that flows through to your product base and how that affects the public perception of your product."
Steven Fine
Vice president at ICF International

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