Répondre aux challenges de la Gestion du Carbone avec le témoignage d’Accenture

Webinar Overview

Moving from GHG Disclosure to Carbon Management

Disclosing a company’s GHG emissions requires significant resources, but more holistic carbon management is rapidly becoming a business imperative that can lead to considerable business benefits. It’s an opportunity for business optimization and cost reductions.

This session will profile Accenture’s efforts towards this end, examining the diagnostic capabilities found within Enablon’s carbon management and reporting system and providing a deeper dive into specific areas that lead to enterprise performance improvement.

The presentation also will include a discussion of the benefits of strategic investment in enterprise solutions to manage, track and report carbon and environmental metrics to optimize ROI.

Join Michael Nicholus, Accenture’s Global Environment Director, who will discuss how his organization is using Enablon’s performance management tool to support data collection and analysis throughout the global enterprise to improve performance. Joseph Aamidor, Enablon’s Energy & Carbon Product Manager will provide technical highlights of the platform and discuss its capabilities.


During this complementary webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How a global management system for environmental data has helped Accenture move beyond GHG disclosure to carbon management.

  • The key factors that led Accenture to invest in a management system for its non-financial data.

  • The main challenges facing today’s global enterprises struggling to collect environmental and sustainability information.

  • What Enablon offers to companies interested in managing and reducing their carbon emissions.

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  "With Enablon, we are able to dive down, gather and manage information we need from throughout our organization, very quickly, very graphically, in a way that leadership can easily understand. This is the value of having a sustainability performance management tool this sophisticated. It helps with decision making, it helps with communication, it helps prioritize."
Michael Nicholus
Accenture’s Global Environment Director

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